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Class Time

Its the first day of school. Little Jeannie woke up early, lunch money in hand, nervous and excited all at once. What will today bring?  What will it be like? Her mom and others have tried to answer her thousand and one questions she has asked over this year to get her to this point but still she wonders with in unbridled fears and anticipations. New starts. They are so hard. But something we all have to do in life. Here I am at another new start at a very old-time in my life.  Who would have thought …me an artist. Yep I know I have loved art I took every art class in school and college possible but never seemed to excel in it. My kids all had  art projects and here mom is still wanting to finish it. At one point we were missionaries in Namibia . Africa and I painted a life-size wall murals on our walls and my husband forbid me to have a paint brush because he thought th kids bedrooms and bathroom murals were going to creek into the living room but still it alluded me.

Until one day I took an oil painting class. wow it was easy. Since then I have poured thousands of hours into my painting and now recognized an artist and soon to go to finish my certification classes as a teacher in Florida. I look at the sunset and I think I want to paint that I see a child in a native costume and think I want to paint them. It is peaceful, joyful and fulfilling to paint what God has put in your heart and even more to teach other how to do it. Weird what God does in your heart and life. I would have never guessed I would be at this place. me an artist.


                    You can Paint! 

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