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We are born as children and we learn thankfulness for what we get.  We are thankful when we get out of school early, or thankful for the stack of bright presents that are stacked up under the tree. It is always contingent on something pleasurable happening to us.  Not a state of mind, but on a fleeting joy mostly dictated by our emotion, the happenings of the moment.

It has been over a year since Cyndi, Keshon and  Monique went to live with their Savior, Lord and best friend Jesus Christ. I am thankful today because they get to spend forever with the one who brings total healing and restoration . While I rejoice in their new position, I would be lying to say there are not days after days I achingly miss them. A year ago our world came crashing in around us. All I could see and feel was a deafening scream that came deeply from my soul. I had the underline peace that Jesus had them but the weight of my daughters and my first grandson being ripped from my aching arms for a mother feels like you have been dumped in the middle of an ocean then instructed to swim back to land. As months have passed, healing oil has washed over my broken heart I found thankfulness was the only thing left.

So today in the middle of my feasting with my husband and remaining six adult children, Ron and I stopped to place flowers on Cyndi, Monique and Ketone’s graves. I have learned so much this year. I have never been much of a crier. This year has taught me to to cry. This year has taught me how to crawl into my Father’s lap and feel a loving comfort. I have never felt this depth of his love before. The dust is now settling  and  a joyful thankfulness is arising. Thankful that God chose me to love and mother two little girls, born of drug addicted parents, abused by some of their foster parents and labeled unadoptable by social services. God saw two precious children and honored us with the special  position  of serving as their parents and raising them.  What a great joy and honor that God had appointed us to do.

We had the joy to watch very broken children be healed by love. Then grow up to be wonderful young women who loved Jesus with all their hearts.  This Thanksgiving I am very thankful. I am thankful and proud of my all my children and thankful that God in his infinite mercy chose Ron and I to parent some very incredible children and watch them all turn into adults.

Thank you God for my wonderful husband and children!

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